At Synchlogic 12 We Do A Critical Examination To The Following In The Primary Stages:

Why choose us
  • Understand your internal and external requirements: We immerse ourselves to know your specific needs before we even begin looking to provide full service.

We suggest and determine what mode of transport and what specific services our clients need.

We research our client industry to know exactly what we can and cannot do.

We at Synchlogic 12 can handle multiple types of shipments. Our client may only need to import using ocean freight from China now, but what if our client needed to import from Vietnam using air freight, or export to European Union countries. We do have the experience, know-how, and partners around the world to handle any shipments and with any mode of transport. Our handling of your shipment with care and diligence is higher than in any measure or standard.

At Synchlogic 12 our client will have a dedicated point person to manage our clients operations/shipment. This relates to who will be point of contact for submitting documents, coordinating the shipment and who to ask for when there is a problem. This may all be one person who is dedicated to handling our client shipment.

We will communicate with our clients about their shipment status updates via telephone, email or automatic web tracking or whichever communication mode our clients choose.

  • Put together a checklist of requirements: this includes everything from your time frame on when you want to begin, objectives such as speed of delivery, commodities being shipped, special packaging requirements, terms of sale (incoterms), volume, etc.
  • We do have multiple service contracts: this is important when space availability on a vessel, airline or trucking company becomes an issue and our clients need an alternative. We do have relationships with multiple ocean, air, land carriers?
  • We do have cargo insurance: this is very important to our clients that we should be able to issue insurance policies for any shipment in case of theft, damage, or loss.